How Mobile Security Patrols Help Your Business

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Security is a major concern for many people in the modern world. There are many ways of making sure that premises remain safe and secure. Mobile patrols offers security services while keeping costs low since you don't pay for dedicated guards stationed at your premises. Instead, you only meet the cost of security patrols conducted either at fixed times or at random times.
These patrols can range from a simple drive-by to more intense ones where an entire premise is checked for any security breach. Regular inspections conducted involve checking the gates, doors windows, the fence and any other structures that are present to determine their state. When any breach is noted, it is recorded and if need be, the owner is notified.

A deserted home is very vulnerable to burglary, vandalism or even arson attacks. One can arrange for home watch and the security company will from time to time come around and check if all is well. Anybody planning an attack will note the attention the home is getting and keep off. That way, the costs are manageable and the home stays safe.

A detailed report of the route and time taken during a patrol can be prepared if the premises is installed with electronic readers. These are strategically installed along the desired path so that the guard can present a token or card to the reader as he moves around. These readers will then record the sequence and time that the token or card was presented. Those who desire reports of conducted patrols can get them as proof that the service is being rendered and in the required way.

Another commonly offered service is staff pickup. Staff who work late at night can be escorted to their homes after work. They can even be picked up if they have to report to work in the night. This keeps the workers safe and also boosts their morale since they don't have to worry about their safety.
Key holding services are also offered to enable more thorough checks to be conducted. This involves opening the doors and going through the entire building. 

The premises is usually checked after working hours. They normally open the premises and check for any vulnerability that can be potentially exploited or cause any damage. If for example there is a fire hazard, leaking pipes or power failure for sensitive machinery like refrigerators, that problem is identified and appropriate measures taken to address it.

There are other services that are offered like picking someone at the airport. If one does not want to use public transport, take a cab or for any other reason one can be picked up or dropped off at the airport. This guarantees peace of mind knowing that you will get there safely.

Most security companies that offer mobile patrol services are flexible and can offer customized services on request. If you have any consideration you would like to put forward, just discuss it with them. Chances are, they will develop a customized solution just for you.