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Sureguard has many years experience in vacant property security, an empty building is often a target for theft, damage, raves, squaters and more, any of these could lead to massive disruption in the sell or lease of the vacant property and cause unthinkable amounts of money on repaires and or court fees to remove unwanted guests, this is why emprty building security is assential for almost all vacant properties.

Empty Building Security Guard Alternatives

Sureguard provide a full range of property security solutions not only manned guarding, we always recommend having a security guard look after your vacant property as this is bar far the best security solution in most cases, as we all know budget is sometimes a factor when making these decisions so their are alternatives to manned guarding this includes, random mobile patrol visits, this is when a mobile partol officer will visit your property, do a full patrol and building inspection to ensure their are no issues or attempted breakins, all the while showing a good security precence, other options include making the property secure with screening and locks and installing and alarm and or cameras with remote monitoring, none of these componsate for having a security guard 24 hours a day but is still a great deterent and option for vacant property security. Contact us for more information or a free quote.

Benifits Of Vacant Property Security UK

Aside from stopping damage, theft, squaters and ravers from detroying you empty property and costing you a lot of money, hiring a security company has many other benifits to securing your vacant property, this includes looking after the property and looking our for things like roof leaks, gas leaks and water leaks, any of these can cause a massive amount of damage if left, a ecurity guard will do what he can to minimise further damage and instantly report the problem or even make a direct call to a maintennance team, their are many reasons vacant property security is a must and you can rest assured that with the experience and expertise of Sureguard security your empty property will be in very safe hands.

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Sureguard is a profesional and reliable security guard hire company with full liability insurance and fully trained sia seurity officers